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Moth Record Cleaning Machine MkII Pro

In stock: yes
Weight: 10000 g

We’ve been using and recommending the Moth RCM series of record cleaning machines for years as they’re incredibly effective and very robust. Simply apply a cleaning fluid to the LP surface and then vacuum it clean/dry, a filthy LP will look spotless after cleaning, and the process only takes a few moments.

There are two versions available, priced below. Both machines allow you to clean the LP in either direction (which is quite useful to thoroughly clean a very dirty LP), the only difference is that the Pro has an additional cooling fan (recommended if you’re cleaning more than a dozen LP’s at a time).   

The machines comes with everything you need to get you going, including fluid, spreading brush and some anti static sleeves to put your now clean LPs into.

The optional Accessory Kit makes it easy to clean 7” and 10” records, including 78s (as long as an alcohol free cleaning solution is used of course!).

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