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Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks Volume Three: Pembroke Pines, Florida 5/22/77 (Collectable, Used Double CD) Condition VG

Genre: Rock
Media: CD
Product code (SKU):  Grateful Dead Records
In stock: yes
Weight: 300 g

We are always pleased to get Grateful Dead material in the shop. However, true fans generally regarded the band as best live and that the studio albums never captured the essence of the band.  The band released much of their live recordings from their archives. In the nineties and the noughties were lots of releases of concerts particularly in three concurrent series, "From the Vault" and "View from the Vault" (both multi-track remixes) and "Dick's Picks" (based on two-track concert recordings).  These were followed by "Road Trips" and "Dave's Picks". 

Deadheads true to the path will always regard the bootleg recordings of the concerts the best of all, and the net and download capabilities as well as access to vast archives maens a treasure trove is available to those who look (if you're interested try - there are over 9000 concert recordings available, the band bought into this applying the principal that once it was played in public it was public).  

But the Dick's Picks recordings are highly regarded, and various of them have become quite rare and collectable.  

The Vicious Squirrel has acquired a number of these and is offering them for sale at prices competitive with recent sales on eBay. The series was named after Grateful Dead tape vault archivist Dick Latvala who selected shows with the band's approval and oversaw the production of the albums. The sound quality of the series whilst generally very good, is not quite that of the other official releases of live recordings because the limited options for remixing two-track recordings (the caveat emptor notices on the CD boxes explains this).  However, this often brings the listener closer to the event.

Forgive this standard 'write-up' for all the Dick's Picks albums we have, they deserve more detailed and individual description, as time permits this will be done.

Priced to reflect the condition of both the CDs in the set and the packaging (jewel case and artwork).

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