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Gong - Angels Egg [New, Vinyl]

Genre: Classification Futile
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Virgin
Weight: 300 g
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Part 2 of Gong's Radio Gnome trilogy - what can we say, you either get it or you don't, but if, like those (depressingly few still alive) of us who enjoyed the more hedonistic aspects of the late sixties/early seventies one would be accompanying one's chemical refreshment with albums such as this.   It was recorded using the Manor Mobile at Pavillon du Hay, France, and mixed in England at The Manor in Oxfordhire. 

The trilogy also consisted of Flying Teapot and You, and no, there is not an apostrophe in the title.  All quirky, all wonderful, all worthy of a recollection, of its time but still quite wonderful.

This album is being reissued as part of the celebrations for 40 years of the Virgin Records label, and this is a limited edition release.



Track Listing:

Other Side Of The Sky 7:40
Sold To The Highest Buddha 4:25
Castle In The Clouds 1:09
Prostitute Poem 4:52
Givin My Luv To You 0:43
Selene 3:38

Flute Salad

Oily Way 3:37
Outer Temple 1:09
Inner Temple 2:34
Percolations 0:46
Love Is How Y Make It 3:27
I Never Glid Before 5:36
Eat That Phone Book Coda 3:12

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