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Flying Lotus - Los Angeles [New, Double LP, Vinyl]

Genre: Electronica, Hip Hop
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Warp
Weight: 600 g
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For the people in the know, his heavily Dilla-influenced beat tapes circa 2004/5 raised eyebrows in the direction of Steve Ellinson. Then came the whispers of his great musical ancestry (his great-aunt is Alice Coltrane); Some bootleg remixes floated around; an amazing debut LP on Plug Research; the Reset EP on Warp and then... Los Angeles.

A seminal full-length player that has lush soundbytes from FlyLo's well inked stamp on 2008. An album that pushed Lotus to the next level of what is a remarkable musical career.

Track Listing:


Brainfeeder 1:32
Breathe.Something/Stellar Star   3:21
Beginners Falafel 2:28
Camel 2:23
Melt! 1:45
Comet Course 3:02
Orbit 405 0:44
Golden Diva 4:02
Riot 4:02
GNG BNG 3:39
Parisian Goldfish 3:01
Sleepy Dinosaur 1:56
RobertaFlack 3:08
SexSlaveShip 2:14
Auntie's Harp 0:56
Testament 2:29
Auntie's Lock/Infinitum 2:45

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