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Falty DL - In The Wild [New, Double LP, MP3 Download Code, Vinyl]

Genre: Electronic, UK Garage
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Ninja Tune
In stock: yes
Weight: 600 g

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FaltyDL's Poem "In The Wild"

Upon a mountaintop in Port Lligat I found my true love. We wrapped each other Uptight, never will I forget so much regret. Never apologize.

Do Me is truth is progress is death is pain is boredom is sex is dance is silence is void. Nine is eternal stream is people is family is anger is fight is father is not all.

Heart & Soul is female is more anger is ignorance is blisters on sun soaked lips.

Greater Antilles is two parts masculine one part crystalline structures. Ahead the Ship Sleeps in Danger is Grief resolved through Rolling in New Haven.

Dos Gardenias para ti.


Never apologize.

Post-stroke vernacular, insult to salt intake fake injury to resume sideline spectatorship. Strained precision, illegal decision and fat masterbatorial visions.

Vapid vaper-what never signed up, tell a lie, till the day I die. Never apologize.

Ghost written by Shanghai Den, 

Very best, Falty

PS. Sorry


Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL was born and grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. These days he lives in Brooklyn, New York. Releasing music for Planet Mu, Ramp, Rush Hour, 50 Weapons, Hemlock, Swamp81, his own Blueberry Records imprint and, of course, Ninja Tune, he has recorded four albums, Love Is A LiabilityYou Stand Uncertain, Hardcourage and this, his fourth LP, In The Wild. He has also toured with James Blake; opened for Radiohead; and remixed for the likes of Seun Kuti, Photek, The xx and Disclosure.


Track Listing:


Aquí, Port Lligat 1:32
New Haven 3:40
Uptight 0:33
Do Me 4:52
Greater Antilles, Part 1 1:24
Nine 4:28
Frontin 2:45
Untitled 12 3:52
Ahead The Ship Sleeps        3:52
Rolling 1:28
Dos Gardenias 3:19
Heart & Soul 4:55
Grief 3:37
In The Shit 3:52
Dånger 3:43
Some Jazz Shit 6:12
Greater Antilles, Part 2 1:42

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