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Electric Wizard - Dopethrone [New, Double LP, Vinyl]

Genre: Metal
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Rise Above
Weight: 600 g
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Re-issue of the bands seminal 2000 album Dopethrone!!!  Probably the bands dirtiest, heaviest and most extreme release to date and cited by many as the pinnacle of their career. Following the demise of such legendary bands as Kyuss, Sleep etc., Electric Wizard took over the vacant throne of drug riddled earth moving Doomed rifferama. Often described as the ‘heaviest band in the world’, Dopethrone may well give you a clue as to why!
Track Listing

1. Vinum Sabbathi
2. Funeropolis
3. Weird Tales; a) Electric Frost; b) Golgotha; c) Altar Of Melektau
4. I, The Witchfinder
5. We Hate You
6. The Hills Have Eyes
7. Dopethrone
8. Mind Transferral (Bonus Track)


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