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Deerhoof - Milk Man [New, Vinyl]

Media: Vinyl
In stock: yes
Weight: 300 g

The starting point for Milk Man was a cartoon character created by Japanese artist Ken Kagami, a longtime friend of Deerhoof vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki.

In contrast to the earnest guitar rock that predominated on their previous album Apple O'Milk Man featured a broad palette of orchestral colors, echoes of music theater and camp, polished and gaudy arrangements, Stravinskian harmonies, and a more stylized, anonymous playing style resulting partly from recording most of the instruments at separate times rather than playing together as a band, and partly from many of the arrangements being created in a computer.

Critical praise for Milk Man came notably from NME and Spin. The song "Milk Man" was chosen in 2009 as one of Pitchfork's top tracks of the decade.


Track Listing:


  • Milk Man (4:23)
  • Giga Dance (2:58)
  • Desaparecere (4:07)
  • Rainbow Silhouette of the Milky Rain (4:16)
  • Dream Wanderer's Tune (2:17)
  • Milking (3:36)
  • C (4:00)
  • Dog on the Sidewalk (1:13)
  • That Big Orange Sun Run Over Speed Light (2:02)
  • Song of Sorn (2:25)
  • New Sneakers (2:14)

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