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Cunniff, Jill - City Beach [New, Pink/Orange Vinyl, includes bonus 7" single]

Genre: Americana
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Vinyl Films
Weight: 300 g
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Jill Cunniff is the former frontwoman of Luscious Jackson.  This album expresses her obvious nostalgia for a time -- the mid-'90s -- when it was somehow possible for a shambling all-girl funk band from New York to have a gold record. This easy-listening mix of Tropicalia-and jazz-inflected pop won't enjoy similar success, but like Coney Island (the rundown Brooklyn beachfront to which the album is dedicated), there's charm in its corniness, notably on "Warm Sound," a pleasant summer ode that could turn a ride on a carousel into a slow-motion reverie.


Trick Listing:

1. Lazy Girls 2. Happy Warriors 3. NYC Boy 4. Warm Sound 5. Eye Candy 6. Apartment 3 7. Love Is A Luxury 8. Exclusive 9. Kaleidoscope 10. Future Call 11. Calling Me 12. Disconnection

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