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Coltrane, Alice - Journey In Satchindananda [New, Vinyl]

Genre: Jazz
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Coltrane Records
Weight: 300 g
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Alice Coltrane's fourth solo album with its title (and title track) reflecting her inspiration by Swami Satchidananda, to whom she had become close, and whose disciple she was. Experimental (but highly melodic) Jazz as good as it gets.

Alice Coltrane should very much be considered in her own right, with her own path and influences, although  "Something About John Coltrane" is based on themes by her late husband (John Coltrane). This album very much reflects her interest in Indian music and religion. "Shiva-Loka", or "realm of Shiva", is the realm of the third member of the Hindu trinity, the "dissolver of creation". "Stopover Bombay" refers to a five week stay in India and Sri Lanka on which Coltrane was due to go in December 1970. "Isis and Osiris", on which Charlie Haden replaces Cecil McBee on bass, and Vishnu Wood plays oud, indicates Coltrane's interest in Middle Eastern and North African music.

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