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Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman Times [New, Vinyl Double Album]

Genre: Rock (Alternative)
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Omnivore
In stock: yes
Weight: 300 g

Ooh-er, strange but profound music.  Difficult to describe, appologies for the lift from Wiki, but it describes this as set in a surreal, alternative universe in which the United States is split up into separate, hostile countries, Texas bering a right-wing, ultra-Christian country, and California a left-wing utopian state. The album is the story of how this is engulfed by civil war and occupied by right-wing security forces. Creepily, maybe an extremely exagerated observation of reality, or maybe the horror of what it could become.  Certainly different.


Track Listing:


Sons Of The New Golden West 2:55
51-7 4:44
White Fluffy Clouds 5:01
That Gum You Like Is Back In Style 4:56
Might Makes Right 2:46
Militia Song 2:10
R 'n' R Uzbekistan 1:13
Sons Of The New Golden West (Reprise)     0:21
New Roman Times 4:47
The Poppies Of Balmorhea 3:23
The Long Plastic Hallway 5:09
I Am Talking To This Flower 2:30
Come Out 1:44
Los Tigres Traficantes 2:30
I Hate This Part Of Texas 2:45
Hippy Chix 4:27
Civil Disobedience 6:25
Discotheque CVB 5:48
Hey Brother 2:46

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