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Calexico - Algiers [New, Vinyl]

Genre: Rock
Media: Vinyl
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Weight: 300 g
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Calexico are from Tucson in Arizona, and their two main members, Joey Burns and John Convertino, first played together in the band Giant Sand, Howe Gelb's influential West Coast rock outfit.  This is Latin infuenced rock, out of the US 'South-West'.  The album was recorded in Algiers, New Orleans (after which it gets it name, rather than the large North African city, for those geographers amongst you).

This is their seventh studio album, released in 2012.  The 'genrefiles' label this as indie rock or desert rock, not sure what this means (and clearly there's no connection with 'The Dessert Sessions') and perhaps what it is, Latin or US South-West better describes it, but such labels have little value.  See what you think.

Again for the geographers, Calixico is a Californian border town (with Mexico) - are you getting a theme here?  It's a good job the band didn't visit a Taco Bell they liked in Drexel-Alvernon!

Track Listing:

A1 Epic
A2 Splitter
A3 Sinner In The Sea
A4 Fortune Teller
A5 Para
A6 Algiers


Maybe On Monday
B2 Puerto
B3 Better And Better
B4 No Te Vayas
B5 Hush
B6 The Vanishing Mind

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