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Bonnie Prince Billy - Ease Down The Road [New, Vinyl]

Genre: Folk (multi-instrumentalist)
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Domino
Weight: 300 g
Out of stock

This is the latest instalment from Billy, the new thing; and it's like the sleeve must be the first clue or something. Earlier Oldham records would surely have depicted a barren field, but this is actually rather lush. Guess what, so's the record, though it still feels like the badlands aren't so far behind him. But in the meantime this uplifts, comforts and brings joy; indeed there's an almost early 70s love of playing music vibe that is actually quite refreshing in these jaded times. Film whiz Harmony Korine even drops by for the session, maybe just to soak up a little of the optimism and general bonhomie which was surely going down.


Track Listing:

  1. May It Always Be 4:04
  2. Careless Love 2:06
  3. A King at Night 4:29
  4. Just to See My Holly Home 3:40
  5. At Break of Day 4:16
  6. After I Made Love to You 3:53
  7. Ease Down the Road 3:06
  8. The Lion Lair 6:01
  9. Mrs William 3:03
  10. Sheep 2:54
  11. Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness 3:23
  12. Rich Wife Full of Happiness 3:07

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