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Amos, Tori - Abnormally Attracted To Sin [New, Double LP, Vinyl]

Genre: Rock (Alternative)
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Universal Republic
Weight: 600 g
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“I wanted to make a treasure, something people will value”, says Tori Amos on her stunning new album “Abnormally Attracted To Sin”.  The album is indeed a treasure. An elaborate feast made from home-grown stock, offered up to a generation fed on small meals made with cheap ingredients. This is Amos at her most passionate and most comfortable. 

The album has a typically detailed and wide sound, dominated by dark, rich reds and hints of silver (“I want to make audio mescaline” Tori said). The mood is dark but charged, like a late night conversation (or confession) held over several bottles of wine.

“AATS” (the title is taken from a line in “Guys & Dolls” spoken by the character Sarah Brown) is the work of someone who knows, with fierce certainty, what she believes in. Anybody, whether it’s a newcomer or a lifelong member of Tori’s phenomenal fanbase, will feel that certainty.

The 18 tracks were recorded in Cornwall by Tori’s husband Mark Hawley and his partner Marcel Van Limbeek. 

Track Listing:

A1 Give 4:13
A2 Welcome To England 4:06
A3 Strong Black Vine 3:27
A4 Flavor 4:05
A5 Not Dying Today 4:02


Maybe California

B2 Curtain Call 4:52
B3 Fire To Your Plain 3:01
B4 Police Me 3:55


That Guy

C2 Abnormally Attracted To Sin 5:33
C3 500 Miles 4:06
C4 Mary Jane 2:42



D2 Fast Horse 3:52
D3 Ophelia 4:42
D4 Lady In Blue 7:12

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