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Amon Duul II - Yeti [New, Double LP, Vinyl]

Genre: Electronica
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Cadiz - Revisited
Weight: 600 g
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This classic Amon Düül II album was originally released in 1970 and is, along with "Phallus Dei", the first vinyl-release of Amon Düül II on Revisited. "Yeti" was the second album by AMON DÜÜL II and is quite a musical achievement. This is a double vinyl album set and contains some of AMON DÜÜL's most impressive work, delivering their thick, full-fledged, multi-layered sound with dense instrumentation and a certain epic vastness... in many ways not unlike the craftsmanship of early CAN. This is Krautrock in the full mass of its power: huge, towering, dark and completely devoid of any happy optimism, but still bound full of energy. Instrumentally this album is pure magic with some great psychy sitar'ish acoustic guitar plucking and hand percussion interplay. "Yeti" is abundant also in the fusion of electric guitar, bass and drum interplay. The 2nd album is totally devoted to improvisation and in itself stands up as some of the most intriguing music you will ever hear. The first few AMON DÜÜL II albums are essential bits of the psych/prog era.

Side A
Soap Shop Rock – 13:47
Burning Sister – 3:41
Halluzination Guillotine – 3:05
Gulp a Sonata – 0:45
Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm – 5:53
She Came Through the Chimney – 3:01
Side B
Archangels Thunderbird – 3:33
Cerberus – 4:21
The Return of Rübezahl – 1:41
Eye-Shaking King – 5:40
Pale Gallery – 2:16 (5:12 on original UK album and Captain Trip Records CD reissue)
Side C
Yeti (Improvisation) – 18:12
Side D
Yeti Talks to Yogi (Improvisation) – 6:18

Sandoz in the Rain (Improvisation) – 9:00

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