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Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique [New, 180gm Vinyl plus digital download]

Genre: Hip-Hop
Media: Vinyl
Product code (SKU):  Capitol
Weight: 300 g
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Beastie Boys' second album, a hip-hop tour de force, released in 1989.  Initially a 'slow burner' following the success of its predecessor Licensed to Ill to the extent that Capitol Records stopped promoting the album (the music industry is full of self fulfilling prophecies!).   However, the albums popularity continued to grow due to its sonic and lyrical variety, and those expecting 'more of the same' following 'Licensed' appreciated the album for what it was, a breakthrough for the band and a landmark album for the genre.

So, in spite of Capitol rather than becaue of their promotion of the album, it went double platinum in 1999, and has attracted extensive acclaim from critics and music publications, and in 2003 was ranked 156 in Rolling Stone's best albums of all time.


Track Listing:

A1 To All The Girls 1:29
A2 Shake Your Rump 3:19
A3 Johnny Ryall 3:00
A4 Egg Man 2:57
A5 High Plains Drifter 4:13
A6 The Sounds Of Science 3:11
A7 3-Minute Rule 3:39
A8 Hey Ladies 3:47


5-Piece Chicken Dinner

B2 Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun 3:28
B3 Car Thief 3:39
B4 What Comes Around 3:07
B5 Shadrach 4:07
B6 Ask For Janice 0:11

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