News & Events

We are trying to be a bit more than a conventional outlet of vinyl records, and Deco Audio and the Vicious Squirrel are aiming to stage events of interest to the music lover (of whatever medium) over the coming months.  We have already had our first record fair (30th & 31st May) which was a resounding success, and we hope to stage listening and demonstration evenings as well as live music events (such as the Evening with Catfish Keith that Deco Audio staged a few years back).  More information will be posted as events are organised.

The Viscious Squirrel's First Record Fair

This was at the Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury (in parallel to the Friars event - an exhibition of artifacts relating to the Friars Club that has been organising major musical events in Aylesbury and elsewhere since the late 60's having staged gigs for an extraordinary 'who's who' of rock, from Bowie to the Pink Floyd, King Crimson to U2, The Ramones to Roxy Music, Genesis to Captain Beefhart).  We had thousands of vinyl LPs, singles and CDs, the music was good, the event well attended and the venue did us proud.  From this success we will certainly make this an annual event.  We had a serious valve based sound system playing a wide range of vinyl, and whilst the accoustics of the room weren't brilliant, we 'filled it' such that the ambience was pretty good. 
A good couple of days, an enjoyable couple of days and many thanks to all those who made the occassion a success (those at the County Museum, Deco Audio and all our customers who supported the event). 

New Releases

As a newly launched site it's obviously all 'New' (!), but surprisingly, for a site specialising in new and rare and collectable vinyl, of particular note is the selection of Panegyric re-relaeses of King Crimson, Yes and XTC in CD and DVDA.  These feature high resolution mixes, and a considerable amount of bonus and additional material, much of the work done by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) with the original artists.  Of particular note is the extensive coverage of early King Crimson material.  For full details see the Vicious Squirrel CD section.

We are continuing to expand our stock in particular genres that reflect what is currently proving popular, and the last few days in particular has seen an expansion of our new Classical stock (which seems to sell as quickly as we restock) as well as some seriously heavy Metal (from Anthrax to Voivod via Hellhammer & Testament!).  We will also continue to expand the new Jazz records we stock as we continue to explore new sources.

However we are not going to try and stock everything, but we will continue to broaden what we do offer, an eclectic mix of new or re-released albums of various genres which both interest us and the tastes displayed by the customers of Deco Audio, our sister Hi-Fi shop.  However, we know that hindsight will inevitably prove that we should also be stocking 'x' or 'y', do let us know.  We have relationships with a number of mainstream and more obscure manufacturers and distributers of new vinyl so ask us about albums that you don't see on the site - if it's possible to get we may well be able to source it for you.

New From Deco

As you've probably sussed from the 'About Us' page, we are a companion to Deco Audio, both a retailer of mid to high end hi-fi equipment and a manufacturer (under the heretic brand) of a growing number of products to fit that profile, currently including speakers, mains distribution, cables and equipment supports with a range of valve supported electronics in the pipeline.

The most recent addition to the Heretic range is the Huron 3 loudspeaker,  which combines unusually high efficiency with a very easy impedance load, good bass extension and low colouration. The result is a big, enveloping sound, with excellent dynamics, speed and clarity. The sensitivity of over 95dB/1 watt means that any quality amplifier can be used, almost regardless of power - in fact anti sociable volume levels are possible with just 7 watts from a 300B single ended amplifier! Despite this incredible efficiency the sound does not lack detail or refinement (a common side effect of other similarly efficient designs).  Get more information from the Deco site

Additional Stock

Coming soon will be a range of accessories to support vinyl reproduction, in tandem with Deco Audio.   This will include cartridges, record cleaning, packaging and storage.

Vicious DECO

Rare & Collectable Second Hand Vinyl

We have a growing stock of rare and collectable albums augmenting our range of quality used vinyl, having recently acquired a number of collections.  There are not enough hours in the day to get all of our stock on the website, but the coming weeks should show a rapid expansion of the number of albums that we do put on-line.  So do check us out regularly, you may be surprised by what we have. Also if there is something you are after in particular don't hesitate to contact us - we can't promise or guarantee to find it, but we can promise to try.  BTW, do look at the 'Grading and How To Buy' page for our approach to and classification of pre-owned vinyl.